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Training allows us to build body awareness, confidence and our sense of self worth. Together, you will be stronger, more confident and empowered.


Meet your Trainer


Hi! My name is Lauren. I'm a Mobile Personal Trainer and Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist.

I have a first class degree in Criminology. I couldn’t find a grad job, so I created my own. I chose to re-qualify as a Personal Trainer and here we are today. I used to hate exercise, however after biting the bullet and starting out at the gym I found my love of training... for how it makes me feel.

Through training together we progress on a journey to feel stronger, fitter and healthier- in a sustainable, safe and secure manner. I believe that leading a healthy life does not and should not have to be restrictive. 

Everything I do is centred around helping you feel confident. Therefore I make personal training accessible by removing all the barriers that come with training in a gym environment, such as confidence issues, time constraints and childcare difficulties.

Training and feeling confident shouldn't have to stop during and post pregnancy. As a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist I help mums maintain their fitness levels during pregnancy and help facilitate a safe and sustainable return to the exercise they enjoy post pregnancy.

Everything we do is backed by science- to ensure we are doing the right things to get you where you want to be.

I can't wait to meet you!

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Mobile Personal Training


How does it work?

1:1 sessions or train with a friend. Small group sessions also available.

Commit one month at a time.

My full support every step of the way with your sessions recorded on an app sent straight to your phone.

We set goals, together. Before we begin training we figure out your reason why. We set goals that are realistic yet challenging in the right ways. You may have a huge goal in mind- lets break it down.

I can start programming your sessions and you can start training! Together we take the necessary steps to get you started on your health and fitness journey, whether you already regularly exercise, or are completely new to the process. Its all about YOU.

We evaluate every session. What were your strengths? What can we work on? What did you enjoy? And most importantly, how do you feel?

We smash goals... and then set new ones.


Pre and Postnatal Mobile Personal Training


How does it work?

1:1 sessions or train with another mum. Small group sessions also available. Couples/ birthing partner/ children welcome.

Commit a month at a time. 

My support every step of the way with your sessions recorded on an app sent straight to your phone. 

Training throughout pregnancy is about maintaining your fitness levels. We set goals, but we don't go crazy! Before you begin your training programme, we chat about exactly what it is you would like to achieve from our sessions. We also chat about the changes that occur in your body during pregnancy and what this means for exercise.

Similarly, if you are joining me postnatal, lets ease you back into exercise. We set goals to get you where you want to be in a safe, sustainable and secure manner, taking into account the changes that your body has been through.



-Personal Training, just without the face-to-face sessions

-Personalised training programme to suit your needs, time and equipment availability

-Train at home or at the gym

-All your workouts delivered to you via an app on your phone

-Demonstration videos and descriptions

-Regular check-ins

-My support every step of the way



-Too far for me to travel but still want to train together? Have equipment at home and just need some guidance, structure and motivation?

-Personalised sessions to suit your goals

-All your workouts recorded via an app to your phone

-My support every step of the way


-Train with me face to face

- Personalised sessions to suit your goals

-All your workouts recorded via an app to your phone 

-My support every step of the way

-Price dependent on location

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Tuesdays @7pm-8pm: Full Body Circuits

Thursdays @7pm-8pm: Lower Body and Core


Tuesday 7pm Class will return face-to-face at Mudeford Wood Community Centre in May


Here’s What Women Have To Say...

"Anyone who knows me has probably heard me talk about how much difference Lauren has made to me over the last few months. Well today she told me we were going to do sit ups. I straight up said there was no chance but she always makes me think I can do impossible things so I promised to try my best. 24 SIT UPS! I just did 24 entire sit ups!!! I'm still in shock".

“I randomly Google searched and up popped Lauren, who I met for a chat and just felt she understood what I needed. I wanted to feel good about myself, not focussing on how many lbs I lose but how my clothes fit and feel on me”. 

“Since training with Lauren I feel fantastic mentally, physically and emotionally. Great friend and coach, always keeping me motivated and always there for me. Deciding on PT with Lauren is the greatest decision ever”. 

“I never thought I would do a 60 minute workout where my arms ended up feeling like jelly and my legs were shaking but I was smiling. I can’t recommend Lauren highly enough, she’s taken me on an amazing journey for the last 4 weeks and I really can’t wait to see how much further we can get”.

“I have been training with Lauren for a few months and have gone from zero fitness and no motivation to actually looking forward to our training. From day 1 Lauren was professional and understanding. She assessed where I was and what I wanted, giving me realistic goals and really listening to me. Each week she has helped me to achieve more than I thought I could, gently assuring me I could do more. In a few short months my confidence and willingness to push myself have surpassed my own expectations, but not Lauren’s”!

“Lauren is nothing but professional, friendly and encouraging. She makes the effort to know each and every one of her clients. She’s flexible and reliable, and makes each session a laugh”.

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I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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